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Massages & Upgrades


Deep Tissue Massage

Increases circulation but is most beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension by using deeper pressure, the focus is now placed on the deeper muscles, fascia, and tendons to release any knots and toxins in the underlying muscles.

Swedish Massage

Find yourself in a state of serenity and peace with light, long, flowing effleurage strokes to help increase circulation and release superficial toxins in your muscles all throughout your body.

Couple's Massage

If you’d love to include your significant other to your massage or just a great time to bond with your friend a couple's massage is the massage for you.

30 min . Refresh

For those who only have 30 min to spare. let's work your back, neck, and shoulders!

Trigger-point Therapy

Trigger-point therapy releases knots in the fascia. This therapy consists of alternating  and holding levels of pressure on a specific muscles with deep knots and tension 10 sec at a time.

Sports Massage

This particular massage is more for that athlete in each of us. It is used to prevent injury and maintain its healthy condition before  or post-athletic event.


For all you mommy’s-to-be this is the massage for you! Prenatal massage will focus on your special needs by enhancing the function of your muscles and joint as your body goes through its special changes for the miracle growing within.

Hot Stone Therapy

Melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, experience deeper relaxation, increase circulation and metabolism with water heated stones at key points of the body.

(prices vary for hotstone)

CBD Massage

Enjoy a massage infused with cbd, a Non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory oil that can be extremely therapeutic for the mind and body, aiding as a pain reliever in the muscle and joints, as well as many other benefits.

(prices vary for  CBD massage)

Price - Time

S30 - 30 min.

$55 - 60 min.

$75 - 90 min.

$115- 120 min.


Aromatherapy - $8

Add essential oils to the massage lotion and diffuser to heighten your senses to excel your massage to the point of complete serenity.


Sugar Body Scrub - $8

Indulge yourself with an essential oil scented sugar scrub and body butter in FOR BACK, HANDS, OR FEET.


Injury Relief - $10

Use of hot towels and biofreeze on a specified area for the last 15 min of the massage. (mainly used for an injured area)


+10 Cranial-Sacral - $10

Add 10 min to your massage (especially good for those with migraines/headaches.



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